Talking about veganism, there are all kinds of different arguements why people decide to follow a plantbased diet. Here are the three main categories shortly explained.

For the ANIMALS.

Human Beings can live perfectly fine and healthy without animal products. So meat, eggs and dairy products are then only consumed for pure enjoyment, because one likes the taste. What many ignore: Behind the tasty steak lies a moral question. Is good taste more important than avoiding the suffering of other beings?
Whoever has a pet would never question it’s feelings, dogs and cats even have rights, however, when it comes to the exploitation of animals in the foodindustry, most of us look away.

We forget that they are beings like us and we treat them as if their life doesn’t matter in any way – we keep them in cages for the sole purpose of our enjoyment. Can you seriously enjoy what causes suffering and consume what needs a prescious life to be killed?

Nowadays, when everyone talks about climate change, most people focus on transport, energy resources or how long they take for their shower.

The animal industry, however, is the biggest part of your personal ecological foodprint. The factories need a lot of energy, cows emit the greenhouse gas mathane (CH4), huge amounts of water are not only needed for the animals but are then polluted by their poop and the oceans are slowly emptied as a result of overfishing which does not only destroy the diversity of this planet but also creates an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Taking care of our planet obviously doesn’t stop with being vegan, but it’s a big step for sure.


For the HEALTH.

Of course, you could still binge eat on vegan fastfood, however, studies have shown the negative effects of meat on the human health. Animal products are said to be the main reasons or big risk factors for common healthproblems such as cancer. And think abou this: Milk is meant to nurish a calf in order to become a grown up cow. When we consume milk, we also drink the hormones that are meant to be messengers between a cow and her baby. These hormones are assumed to be reasons for acne, overweight and diabetes. Additionally, as more and more animals are treated with antibiotics, consuming their products means consuming those antibiotics as well, which results in a spread of antibiotic resistances.

Veganisnism, however, could not only be beneficial for your own health but also the one of others – thousands of children, men and women die every day of hunger while a big part of the globally caught fish and grain and soya harvest are fed to animals in the foodindustry. Based on the animal species, one portion of meat needs up to 16 times more plantbased food to be produced beforehand plus a huge amount of water. The problem is not, that we don’t have enough food on this planet, the problem is the distribution of it.


Interesting documentary: COWSPIRACY