Some would say, using “ethical” and “consumerism” in the same sentence is paradoxal or even wrong. Can there be ethical consumerism in a world driven by profit increase and competition?

Nowadays, we vote with our money, and as long as we spend it, companies will gladly make profit without any thought about change. So be the change and decide if and where you place your vote.



You need something new?
First, think about…

KEEPING IT – and if you dont like it, get creative and CHANGE IT to your needs

– using your social network – host a SWAP-PARTY, invite all your friends and the people you’d like to know better or that simply have a great style, and swap your clothes while having a great time together

SECOND HAND – find the best thrift goods in your local second hand shop. It might take a while to get through the piles of clothes but you’ll be happy to find some unique treasures!

SUSTAINABLE: fairtrade, organic, vegan, local – and if you can’t diy what you need nor find it in a thrift shop, make sure to check the store you enter before you buy that cheap top. There are more and more companies changing to or starting with sustainable products. However, some big companies try to seem green while there are still a lot of problems going on behind the scenes. So inform yourself beforehand and try to invest in good quality pieces from smaller or even local companies that will make you happy for longer than that cheap dress that hardly lasts for 3 months.