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March 28, 2017

If you have read last weeks post (click here if you haven’t) you already know that I travelled to Portugal’s beautiful capital Lisbon. This city has not only interesting architecture and charming streets to offer but also delicious vegan food. Since I had to work on some stuff as well while being there, I have included my favorite cafés in this list to spent an afternoon or even the whole day getting some work done (or relaxing and enjoying a good read).

Delicious Vegan Food

Asian-inspired: PSI

This was definitely my favorite place to eat in Lisbon. Sitting in a glass pavilion with a cozy candlelight atmosphere, you’ll be served delicious food that is mostly asian and eastern inspired. It’s a vegetarian place with quite a few vegan options.

Alameda Stú António dos Capuchos


All you can eat: Jardim das Cerejas

A simple designed restaurant that offers an inexpensive vegan all-you-can-eat buffet with many salads, starters, one soup and hot entrees. It’s hard not to overeat there – you’ll probably want to refill at least once! – so make sure to come with an empty stomach. They also have desserts that, however, aren’t included in the buffet.

Calçada do Sacramento 36


Instagram-worthy: Ao 26

An all vegan place with a nice atmosphere and a modern twist on their food including a beautifully arranged plate that probably might end up on your instagram feed. Don’t forget to try their desserts.

Rua Vitor Cordon 26


Homemade-Food: Veganeats Caffe

The Veganeats Caffe is a really simple and inexpensive place run by two lovely ladies who serve tasty homecooked and all vegan food. You’ll get tea for free, many smiles and delicious cakes for dessert (don’t miss them!).

Rua Cavaleiro de Oliveira 42


A bit of history: A Colmeia

A Colmeia was the first vegetarian restaurant to ever open in Portugal. The lovely lady who runs the place nowadays told us the story about how it all started and when she, a student back then, came to eat there for the first time. There’s a choice of different very simple lunch menus, of which at least one is vegan and one macrobiotic, tea for free.

It’s really hard to find – when they opened they weren’t allowed to run a vegetarian restaurant on the ground floor – so you’ll have to make sure you know the exact address and then walk up the stairs to the second floor.

Rua da Emenda 110, 2nd floor


Burger-Cravings: Hamburgueria do Bairro and Hamburgueria A Gina

Every now and then, I love to have my burger and french fries evening. Hamburgueria do Bairro includes several vegan burgers in their menu, each served with a choice of sweet potato or normal fries. Since one burger we ordered would normally include a non-vegan sauce, it was a bit dry to eat without. It’s a small popular place – when we left, people were queuing outside waiting for a table – with a nice rustic atmosphere.

Travessa do Abarracamento de Peniche 22

Hamburgueria A Gina is a simpler designed place with 2 vegetarian burgers that apparently are vegan. Just make sure not to forget to tell the waiter that you don’t want any mayonnaise with your french fries since they normally come with it!

Praça da Alegria 46


Ice cream: Natur Ice and  Amorino Baixa

Natur Ice is a little ice salon with some vegan sorbet options. I’m normally not a lemon ice cream fan, however, their lemon-basil one was really delicious and refreshing. A must try on a sunny afternoon!

1. de São João da Praça 103

Another place to satisfy your ice cream cravings is Amorino Baixa with some labeled vegan options such as chocolate or pistachio.

Rua Augusta 209


Sangria with a view: Noobai Café

Serving a selection of different sangrias like the classic one or a strawberry-rosé one as well as other drinks and some food, you probably won’t find any place with a better view over the city to enjoy your drink.

Miradouro Do Adamastor

Food Hall: Time Out Market

I really liked the concept of the hall with all the tables in the middle where everybody enjoys their food from the many modern designed food stalls along the wall. The vegan options, however, were really poor so it’s not really satisfying for vegans to go there (yet).

Mercado da Ribeira, Avenida 24 de Julho

Cafés to Work and Relax


The place I have spent most of my time starring at my computer while sipping on some coffee or homemade lemonade was definitely Tati, where no chair looks like the others. I love the rustic character of this café that also serves some food and turns into a popular spot for locals in the evening to have a drink.

Each Sunday, you can enjoy a glass of wine while listening to live jazz. They start at 5 pm but make sure to come a bit earlier if you want a good table since it can get quite crowded.

Rua da Ribeira Nova 36


Copenhagen Coffee Lab

With its clean and modern design and even a big table for at least 6 people to work on together in the back, this is another great place to work. Except for the tables just at the entrance, which they keep device-free, you can spend hours on your laptop at this café. The only problem is the lack of enough sockets for all the people working there so I would suggest to come with a fully charged laptop, just in case.

Rua Nova da Piedade 10


Montana Lisboa

A modern café with a colorful but minimal design inside with even a small art gallery and a few tables outside just in front of the river. While I preferred to spend there some hours enjoying the view, the sun on my face and reading a book, this would be a nice place to work too.

Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, armazém A20


A Paderia Portuguese

Definitely not the nicest place to work but in case you really need to have wifi (even though it’s not the best), this is an option as well. It seems like A Paderia Portuguese is kind of the Starbucks of Lisbon with branches all around the city to get a cheap coffee. I would definitely not recommend to spend too much time there since it’s not very comfortable and quite noisy but as I said, it does the job.

several places all across the city

Enjoy tasty vegan food and get inspired!





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