April 18, 2017

Once upon a time there was a king with an interest in arts who wanted to build a beautiful and colorful castle for him and his family. Many others followed to live near the king and so there wasn’t only one castle made for princes and princesses but the whole village turned into a fairytale dream. And while generations after generations of aristocratic families with thousands of servants and animals moved in and eventually passed away, the castles still remained there happily ever after. Some show signs of aging and deconstruction, but they will probably stand there for antoher hundreds of years, maybe as long as there won’t be anyone left to admire their aged beauty.

While this little story might not match the real history and events that have lead to how Sintra looks like today, it’s still agreat place for a daytrip from Lisbon. The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers multiple historical buildings set in a beautiful landscape of green hills. You’ll find palaces, ruins and decorative houses.

A ride with bus nr. 434 brings you to a few of them, perfect for exploring the sity in one day. One of the highlights is definitely Pena Palace (Palácio da Pena), an individual combination of different architectural styles and pastel colors surrounded by a huge and lovely garden. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to see fairies flying around the trees there.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of knights and old furniture standing in a cold stone building, Sintra might still be worth a visit since there are probably not many places that have a collection of so many castles as this city – and besides that, there’s a stunning view over the whole landscape from top of the hills and the Pena Palace.

And to be honest: who doesn’t want to revive some childhood dreams of living in the castle of your favorite fairytale?

Get inspired and explore the fairytale remenants within you!




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