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August 2, 2017

How to catch a lion? Sit inside a cage and imagine that everything outside of it is the inside, and that you’re in the part that’s called the outside.

While this method isn’t too useful when you really want to catch a lion – though it actually protects lions from humans messing around with them – this story teaches us something about perspectives. Change the perspective and you’ll see that you actually already are where you want to be.

See, we’re constantly chasing things in this world – a new job, a new boyfriend, a new home, a bigger car, a better career. And we always tell ourselves: I’ll be happy, as soon as.
You know what: as soon as never really comes. A new as soon as may follow and so on until you’re old and realize that the bigger car, the new job and the next boyfriend never really made you happy on the long term.


Unless you change your perspective.

Look if I want to catch a lion and think the only way to do so is somehow getting it inside a 2 by 2 meter cage without any other equipment, I will spend years, decades, probably a lifetime without reaching my goal. The way I see and that I take for the only way out there makes the whole task an impossible one.

But what if I change perspectives?

Suddenly, there’s a new way. I don’t concentrate on the outside anymore but start looking on the inside. And when I can finally see that what matters is how I define and see the inside of the cage instead of the outside, my goal might actually be reachable.

And while sitting inside of a cage might be easier than sitting inside of yourself, convincing yourself that the outside world is the inside of the cage is probably as hard as not only finding a new perspective but also seeing the reality in it.

But it’s not impossible.


Photos by Matthew Alexander
Edit & Art Direction by myself

Photos by Matthew Alexander
Edit & Art Direction by myselfMerken




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